Monday, January 10, 2011

The Bag Ladies - Nov. 9, 2010

What is it with women and their purses? That question is yet to be answered.
So, while we wait for that answer, Janet got us excited to make a purse to add to our collections. They are big and roomy with the ability to carry a lot of stuff! Here are some of the end products...

While some finished their purses, others worked on other projects, socialized, and waited for lunch to begin. Myrna brought another cute project to show us and talked us into making them. They are cute elf feet/legs and they are made into pillow covers. What a cute christmas gift!

Isn't it great that we can all just enjoy one another's company whether sewing or not?!
Another successful guild gathering!

The 1 Yard Project is Due - Oct. 5th, 2010

The month has finally arrived. You cannot put the project off anymore. It is due!
We have some of the most creative ladies in our guild! Here are some examples of what was made with one yard of fabric:

Debra Simon -beautiful table runners for gifts
Myrna Raddatz - the cutest witch decoration
Debbie Morgan - clothes for dolls that she donated to a hospital for children learning what will happen during surgery

Janet Goldsmith - a cute table runner with creative gathering in order to use all her fabric
Shauna Horn - an adorable apron - she knew from the start what she wanted to make
Carrie Turpie - a beautiful quilt - hand stitched

Jill Walter - slippers and a tote bag
Sandy Brunnemeyer - another beautiful quilt
Sherry Hancock - a cute daisy rug or table topper - whichever you prefer
Kari Sieverts - cute chicken pin cushions - made for everyone to take one home
Barbara Call - didn't bring hers but we had to have her in the picture ;0)

What a great challenge given to us by Sherry! Once again, we have creative and impressive ladies in our guild! We always end our meetings with delicious food and good company!
See ya next month ;0)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Service & Lunch - go hand in hand - Sept. 7, 2010

Well, we have sent the kids back to school and we have jumped back into the quilting fun!

We started off the school year with a service project.

Debra Simon supplied the material to make Self-Binding Baby Blankets.

They are so cute and will go to the NICU at IMC Hospital. The little premature babies need a cute little blanket to go home in.

We cranked out 15 blankets in no time and then enjoyed the company around the table for lunch.

I think we have the best cooks in our guild! Others should be jealous!

Mother/Daughter Day - Aug. 3, 2010

It was Mother/Daughter Day for the Sew Fine Guild!
We decided to make the cute flowers and headbands that are so popular these days.
We had a great turn out and lots of yummy food to go along with it.
Jill Walter hosted it at her house and Debra Simons brought her "magical" tool that can cut a flower out in seconds. It was a great success and lots of cute flower headbands were created!

Debra Simon & ? Christensen

Shasie (Janet's granddaughter)

? Turpie

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chic Lit and Lunch

We kicked off the summer with our June 1st activity. Debbie Morgan has a series of books about quilting. They are written by Jennifer Chiaverini and the stories are set in different time era's and they bring in some history about quilts and american history. We each chose a book for some light reading this summer.

We also shared some delicious food together.....everyone brought something to share. Good food, good reading, good company = Great quilt guild activity!

Sherry gave us each a yard of fabric and we were all challenged to make something out of it by October's meeting. The only rule is that we have to use all of the fabric. So, hang the fabric on your wall. Look at it each day and get your creative juices flowing. Have fun with it!

A shout out goes to Shauna for wearing a name tag! =0)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Trip

Our first activity was going to Christensen Wholesale. They gave us a tour of their warehouse and talked about how and where their fabric is made. They have many artists that design for them, then they send it off to be printed in Korea (I think).

All of us were like kids in a candy store with all the cute fabric to look at! You could see the wheels turning in everyone's head as to what they wanted to do next for a project.

If you would like to view their new line of fabric, go to:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Official Meeting - April 20, 2010

We gathered for an official meeting at Sherry's house. We talked about some more bylaws, put in more officers, and planned some activities.

Dues are $20/year, but will be reviewed as necessary.

Those that attended: Sherry Hancock, Jill Walter, Debra Simon, Janet Goldsmith, Kari Sieverts, Shauna, Debbie Morgan.

Lots of fun things will be coming up in the next year. Check out the calendar on the side bar for upcoming events.